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Our law firm was founded 01.05.1991 and has been continuingly growing ever since then. Over the years we have not only catered for the needs of our clients in Berlin, Stralsund, Rostock, Barth, Lübeck, and Mallorca.

Legal advice

Along with small to medium sized businesses we also give legal advice to private customers. Our aim is to competently represent all our clients in every field of law. Our team, consisting of 16 astute and highly skilled lawyers is attuned to the individual needs of their clients. Our lawyers’ competence is reflected in 9 certified and specialised fields of law. We have been consulting clients abroad from our office in Berlin since 2001. One main focal point of our Law Firm is insolvency administration and insolvency consultation as well as providing legal advice and support to businesses in times of crisis.

Internet Law and International Business Law

Two other of our firm’s focal Points are Internet law and international business law.


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